Sunday, May 26, 2013

What real union people really say about unions

Back by popular demand, here are comments by union members and their families, taken from the Teamsters Facebook page:

Jay Marvin
Thank God for my union AFTRA. WORKERS OF THE WORLD !
John Stier 
always union does it better
Scott Barrow West
I was a Teamster flight attendant for 25 years and I was always so proud of the way they stepped up to the plate after a disaster. They also operated some pretty impressive food banks in Minnesota.
Joe Ligotti 
In September 29 years local # 25 and damn proud to stand with my brothers and sisters.
John Rumball 
A Union is only as Strong as the Membership?UNION YES
Carol Medina
Proud of my brother being trustee in his teamster union.
Mark James Hankins
union is strength
Nick Wanko
Work a Union Job for the good of America! Be union Buy Union made products! Live in America then buy American made!
Milford Nelson
"The more of us that stand together- volunteering and making our voices heard- the stronger our UNION will be." ~Pipeliners Union 798~
Don Klinestiver
We need Unions more now than when John L saved us back when.
Stephen Hernandez
Unions are the rights of workers to collectively negotiate better pay, safer working conditions, benefits, better hours, so we can raise a family and spend time with them. Now tell me: WHATS UN AMERICAN ABOUT THAT!?! Before Unions people were dying in mines, factories and had to work 16 hours or more a day with out over time pay. That's why companies want Unions gone so they can have sweat shops back!!!
And to a union critic:

Jim Folliett
I am a teamster, 20 long years, full bennies, great retirement and a good wage. My union dues are only $61 a month and I take home almost $4, 000 a month, so go put your head back up your ass!!!