Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vegas Teamsters merge, create 4th biggest local

Here's news from our brothers and sisters at Local 986: 
On May 9, 2013, the members of Teamsters Local 995 overwhelmingly voted in favor of merging into Teamsters Local 986 and creating the fourth largest local union in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Upon approval of the Joint Council 42 and International Union, Teamsters Local 986 will have over 17,000 members throughout California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Hawaii and Guam. 
Teamsters Local 986 will make organizing new members a first priority in Las Vegas. The current office and staff will remain with Mike Magnani serving as a Coordinator of the Las Vegas office, while Bill Burgos, Debra Miller and Beverly Williams will continue as Business Representatives and Mark Ranger as the Business Representative/Organizer. Tony Sasso, Ed Rudd, Terra Butler, Jim Dunbar, Brian Vonderohe, Suzanne Baran will now serve as the advisory board in Las Vegas. 
Teamsters Local 986 will now have an office in Las Vegas for all of our members at 300 Shadow Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada. The office hours are 9:00am-4:00pm from Monday through Friday. 
 "I want to welcome the proud and hard working members of the Teamsters in Las Vegas into Teamsters Local 986. Together, we will continue our mission to provide outstanding representation to our members by negotiating strong contracts and enforcing those agreements while organizing new members into this great union.” stated Chris Griswold Secretary-Treasurer.