Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tell Congress: Extend unemployment insurance

Today's the day unemployment benefits start to run out for 2 million Americans. With five out-of-work people for every job available, it isn't don't expect unemployed Americans to suddenly get up from the couch and find work. More likely they'll stock up at food pantries or move to homeless shelters.

Congress still has time to extend unemployment benefits. Doing otherwise will hurt the economy. Unemployed people tend to spend every last dollar of their benefits, which pumps money into the economy. Economists say a million more people could lose their jobs if unemployment benefits aren't extended.

The Coalition on Human Needs says that every dollar of unemployment insurance generates between $1.60 and  $2.00 in economic growth.  Every dollar of tax cuts for the wealthy generates less than 40 cents.

You can do something about this crisis. E-mail your elected representatives in Congress and tell them to continue unemployment insurance for a year. It's quick and easy -- Just click here and fill in your zip code.