Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sarcasm, sarcasm, the devil's weapon

Props to The Onion for this satirical story about the American people hiring a former Goldman Sachs lobbyist to pursue their interests in Congress.

The story about a fictional lobbyist pretty much tells you the truth about how Washington works. We especially like this:
Weldon said that after successfully advocating on behalf of Goldman Sachs and BP, he is relishing the opportunity to lobby for the American people, calling it the "challenge of a lifetime." The veteran D.C. power player admitted that his new client is at a disadvantage because it lacks the money and power of other groups.

"The goal is to make it seem politically advantageous for legislators to keep the American people in mind when making laws," Weldon said. "Lawmakers are going to ask me, 'Why should I care about the American people? What's in it for me?' And it will be up to me and my team to find some reason why they should consider putting poverty and medical care for children on the legislative docket."
Read the whole thing here.