Saturday, December 18, 2010

Still another Teamster organizing victory in NY

Congratulations to the new Teamsters in upstate New York who joined Local 687 in Pottsdam.

Local 687 has actually organized two bargaining units in Massena over the past two months, according to the Daily Courier-Observer. In November, 10 town employees became Teamsters. And yesterday, the Watertown Daily Times reported that the library employees joined the Teamsters this week.

TeamsterNation suspects this may be a trend. Are more and more public service employees looking to unions for security, especially as politicians step up attacks on government workers, and as state and local governments have to cut costs? 

According to the Daily Times, the Massena town employees organized because they're worried about their salaries and benefits. They joined the Teamsters right after the town council passed the budget for next year.

Local 687's business agent, Mickey Smith, said he didn't have to recruit the librarians; they came to him because of concerns about wages and benefits.

TeamsterNation wishes our new brothers and sisters the best of luck in getting that first contract. Already the town has hired a "labor consultant" to negotiate with the town employees.