Monday, December 13, 2010

Health care reform unconstitutional, judge rules

But the Virginia judge's ruling today doesn't affect health care reform yet. The case will probably be decided in the Supreme Court, as there are a number of other challenges to the law.
The Wall Street Journal reports,
More than 20 federal lawsuits have been filed against the overhaul, and judges in two of those cases ruled in favor of the Obama administration. While Monday's decision creates a headache for the law's supporters, it doesn't mean that states or the federal government must stop implementing the law. Judge Hudson didn't grant the plaintiffs' request for an immediate nationwide injunction against the entire law or against the requirement that most Americans carry insurance. That requirement begins in 2014. The judge also said that his ruling only strikes down the requirement to carry insurance, known as the individual mandate, and the provisions of the law that are directly dependent on it.