Thursday, December 16, 2010

Teamster victory: ABF lawsuit dismissed

Great news for the Teamsters and for YRCW, which employs 25,000 of our members. In Arkansas, Judge Susan Webber Wright (of Paula Jones fame) dismissed ABF's case against the Teamsters and YRCW today. Here is the IBT's statement, hot off the presses:


Union’s Freight Director: “Best Possible Outcome for Teamsters”

(WASHINGTON) –The Teamsters hailed a U.S. District Court ruling today that ABF Freight System does not have standing to sue YRCW Worldwide Inc. and the union in court.

Judge Susan Webber Wright dismissed the case brought by Ft. Smith, Ark.-based ABF.

“We have said all along that ABF took itself out of the National Master Freight Agreement and therefore has no right to bring the suit,” said Brad Raymond, Teamsters General Counsel. “The bench dismissal should send a strong message to ABF that its attempts to interfere with the contractual arrangement between YRCW and its Teamsters-represented employees must end.”

“ABF needs to realize that it cannot circumvent the negotiating and ratification process through the courts,” added Tyson Johnson, Director of the Teamsters National Freight Division. “We negotiated with ABF in good faith earlier this year, reaching an agreement that was overwhelmingly rejected by its employees. ABF should concentrate on freight pick-up and delivery operations of its company rather than trying to put YRCW out of business through litigation and other means. We are pleased that Judge Wright dismissed this lawsuit because it removes an impediment to YRCW’s restructuring efforts.

“This decision is the best possible outcome for Teamster members at both companies,” said Johnson.

The Teamsters represent 25,000 workers at YRCW (NRSE: YRCW), based in Overland Park, Kan., and 7,000 workers at ABF.