Monday, December 20, 2010

Buy union, drink union and ship union for the holidays

It's getting down to the wire folks, so here are some more ideas for buying union-made products for the holidays. It isn't always easy finding something that wasn't made in China, but if you look hard enough you can do it.

LA Labor 411 created a directory of union-made products, including Play-Doh, Monopoly and Radio Flyer tricycles and wagons.  It's a great website -- check it out for ideas.

Buying someone a cell phone? James Parks at the AFL-CIO blog recommends
AT&T’s Mobility, the only union wireless company. Parks says about 42,000 Communications Workers of America work at Mobility.

Omaha Steaks products are a great gift, and they're made by proud members of UFCW Local 22 in Nebraska.

Someone on your list may need a comfortable boot for the New Year, so how about buying union-made boots at Union Boot Pro. They're an online company that sells only American made, union made work boots, and they offer a 27 percent discount to union members.

For the sportsman, consider giving the gift of a Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) membership. According to their website,
With a free Buck knife, an outdoor magazine, four issues of the USA journal, an online mapping subscription, exclusive discounts on outdoor gear and a whole lot more, you’re giving a gift worth more than $130 for the price of just $25. Plus, your gift is helping get the USA’s new Boots on the Ground program up and running to expand and improve hunting and fishing access and habitat for all, now and in the future.
Looking for a last-minute gift? Send flowers via Teleflora, the Union Plus Flower Delivery Service provider. Teleflora, is committed to a 100% local florist delivered model with no drop shipments for flowers & gifts ordered online or by phone.

Should you happen to enjoy an adult beverage over the holidays, be sure they're union made. You're always safe buying Budweiser or Miller beer, brewed and delivered by thousands of Teamsters. For a list of union-made wine and liquor, check out the How To Buy American website. You'll find that UFCW makes a lot of booze, including Fleischman's Royal Vodka, Jim Beam and Wild Turkey.
And please, remember to send your packages by UPS or the U.S. Postal Service; do NOT support any union-busting, wage thieving package shipping companies. Such as FedEx.