Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wisconsin, Kansas worse than rest of US in creating jobs

Kansas and Wisconsin show that an anti-union, low-tax, low-minimum wage business climate discourages new jobs.

That's according to the Econbrowser blog.

Econbrowser notes:
It’s interesting how “pro-business” policies do not appear to be conducive to rapid employment growth. 
Employment in Governor Walker’s Wisconsin, as in Governor Brownback’s Kansas, has lagged behind that of the United States (and behind that of Governor Dayton’s Minnesota and Governor Brown’s California).
ALEC will tell you that Kansas and Wisconsin are great for business because of the anti-union, low-tax climate. ALEC is wrong.

ALEC will also tell you Minnesota is bad for business because it's pro-union and has a high minimum wage. Wrong again. Minnesota is going better than the rest of the United States.

Just sayin'.