Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Whoa! Chicago Teamsters attacked by Texas corporation

Teamster funeral directors in Chicago are in tough contract talks with SCI, a Houston-based company that’s trying to force steep concessions. They may need your support in the very near future.

Teamsters Local 727 has been negotiating a contract for its 59 funeral directors and drivers at 17 area SCI funeral homes since June 14. The current contract expires at 12 a.m., Monday, July 1, and talks will continue through June 30.

Over the course of negotiations, SCI has approximately 50 regressive changes to the current contract including:
  • Eliminating the funeral directors’ pension plan
  • Increasing the cost of health insurance premiums for employees
  • Wage freezes for new hires
  • Paltry wage increases after years of wage freezes
  • Removal of contractual protections for disabled employees
  • Elimination of authority of arbitration decisions
Elimination of holiday pay. John T. Coli, Teamsters Local 727 secretary-treasurer, said SCI has consistently tried to freeze wages, gut health benefits and eliminate the directors’ retirement plan.

“Our 59 local funeral directors are being bullied by a $3 2 billion company that is intent on eking out every last penny out of the community.”

Teamsters Local 727 has represented Chicago’s funeral directors and embalmers since 1946. It represents more than 6,800 hardworking men and women in the greater Chicagoland area.

Please stay tuned.