Friday, June 21, 2013

Please help these Teamster pilots get a contract

Our brothers and sisters at Local 357 asked us to post this. Please help them out.
IBT Local 357, representing over 2900 pilots at Republic Airways Holdings, has been in contract negotiations for years. 
The pilots are covered by the Railway Labor Act, which means contracts do not expire and they cannot strike without government approval. 
The local's leaders have been working countless hours on getting language inserted into a bill in Congress that funds the National Mediation Board (NMB).  The NMB is the government agency that oversees mediation in the transportation industry when employers and unions are in contract negotiations. No regulation governs the timeliness of the outcome.  
Local 357 needs union brothers and sisters, family and friends to contact federal lawmakers on committees that affect labor relations, transportation and funding, as well as their chiefs of staff. 
Please visit for a copy of the suggested letter and list of e-mail addresses.  Local 357 leaders are set to meet with key members of Congress and their chiefs of staff next week. Having as many letters as possible sent prior to those meetings will strengthen Local 357’s position.