Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thanks for those Teamster THUGGS in Oklahoma

We just loved the photo of Brother Ron Cobb getting a hug from a little girl. Her Oklahoma City neighborhood had been damaged by a tornado. Brother Cobb is president of Teamsters Local 886, and he'd been distributing relief supplies to storm victims with 10 volunteers from the local last week. Along with the rakes, batteries and diapers provided by the Red Cross, Teamsters Local 886 filled bags with sweets from Kellogg's (a Teamster employer) and handed those out, too. A photographer was there and got the shot.

So we posted the photo on Facebook. Sure enough, some anti-union troll wrote something churlish. That happens all the time -- greedy billionaires don't spend a fortune on anti-union propaganda for nothing.

But one response to the troll (who was dismissed with prejudice from our Facebook page) deserves repeating. Here's Karen Ralls Gates:

I worked the warehouse where the teamsters came day after day to load those trucks then drive to the locations to hand out the supplies. They sometimes took them to a drop sure but most of the time they were driving around to hand out supplies so the owners would not have to leave their unprotected homes. Sometimes driving for 8-9 hours without a break. When their truck was empty they would come and reload the truck and go out again. Some deliver 3-4 truckloads in a day. You see 1 picture and think they did it for a photo op. you do not know anything about how many hours or days they worked when there was no camera around. When we asked for help driving the trucks they did not hesitate to come. I want to personally thank them for all the hard work they did. 
Teamsters Local 886 President Ron Cobb and a new friend.
And if that doesn't make you proud to be a Teamster, how about this comment from Chris Gibson:
I live in the Riverside trailer park in Midwest City Ok. I want to thank the Teamsters that sent the truck out with much needed supplies for cleaning and packing. Great Job!
The need is still great in Oklahoma City. You can help by making a tax-exempt contribution to the Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund. Just click here.

And remember, THUGG stands for Those Helpful Union Guys and Gals.