Monday, June 3, 2013

No Rights At Work fight comes to Ohio

No Rights At Work is rearing its deceitful head in Ohio tomorrow. The Ohio House Manufacturing Committee will hold a hearing allowing the sponsors of Right to Work legislation to testify. There is not only a bill, HB 151, but a ballot proposal as well.

Sadly, some people will be fooled by the false promise of "worker freedom." But Right to Work means less freedom for workers – much less.

It puts more pressure on struggling working-class families. It eliminates job security. It lowers pay. It forces workers from full-time jobs to part-time. It gives workers less freedom and flexibility to spend time with their family or do whatever is important to them in life.

Ohioans, your help is urgently needed to stop this anti-worker, anti-freedom proposal. Please send an e-mail to your state representative today. Just click here.

Fortunately, plenty of our union brothers and sisters see right through the Right to Work lie. Here's a sample of comments from the Teamsters Facebook page:

Linda McAteer
I live in a "right to work state," don't be fooled, it translate to "right to work and starve in the dark" state
Jackie Beaulieu
The conservative movement uses all kinds of patriotic-sounding names to make taking away your rights sound wonderful. Unfortunately, what's lurking behind the name will always leave you much worse off if you are foolish enough to buy into it.
John Wayne Miller
right to work is a gimmick to keep you the worker poor and quiet and like a little lamb! all the while the top people get richer off your back! right to work is wrong and should be illegal!
Michael Olszewski
Check the pay and benefits of workers in a so called right to work state and you will see it is bullshit.!!!!
Frank Di Lisio
I worked in Texas, a RTW state. The boss could at any time, say to me, "Hey! You are a top employee, doing a terrific job. Oh, BTW, YOU'RE FIRED!!!! THAT is a RTW state !
Martha Steele Brett
Right-to-work means you pay the dues and the scabs (usually quota hires), who don't, get the exact same union representation (including pension) that you're working for.
Remember to email your representative today. Just click here.