Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Magazine preview: Teamsters Professor Eric Arnesen

Teamsters Professor Eric Arnesen
In February, history professor Eric Arnesen officially became the first James R. Hoffa Teamsters Professor in Modern American Labor History at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

The introduction of a Teamsters Professor was a new experience for both Arnesen and the union, but the Teamsters have worked with Arnesen in his capacity as a history professor for years.

In the April/May issue of Teamster Magazine, you were introduced to Arnesen as the new Teamsters Professor, but you may have seen his book reviews and other writings in the magazine earlier.

As far back as 2005, the union has been quoting his work, which acknowledges the importance of labor unions in American history. He has reviewed books on the PATCO strike and farm labor for the union, and written about civil rights for the website.

In the next issue of Teamster Magazine, he has another book review.

Arnesen says of “Bending Toward Justice” in the June/July issue that the book:
... illustrates the tremendous courage and suffering that brought about that transformation. But is the voting rights victory secure? Since 2010, a growing number of conservative state legislatures have passed laws making voting more difficult, ostensibly to combat the (non-existent) problem of voter fraud. With voting rights again under attack, May’s timely book reminds us of just how crucial the 1965 Act was and how important it remains today.
Look for the full review toward the end of June in the next issue of Teamster Magazine.