Saturday, May 9, 2015

Increasing Teamster Power!

Joint Council 7's Doug Bloch was one of the attendees.
Scores of Teamsters came together yesterday and today to listen to speakers and share ideas about how to pursue a political agenda that will benefit members both at the ballot box and in the legislative halls of power.

Representatives from locals and joint councils from around the country heard from both Teamsters' officials and experts from outside the union on a host of policy issues, as well as on how to best reach and communicate with membership. It was all part of a effort to improve the union's push of an agenda that will benefit all workers.

Doug Bloch, political director of Joint Council 7 for Northern California and Northern Nevada, said membership outreach is essential to political success:
We know when we talk to our members, it works. The numbers don't lie.
Attendees heard about how the Teamsters are moving full force to defeat fast track trade authority in Congress as well as push back on efforts in state capitals around the country to get right-to-work approved. They were also briefed on the continuing Sysco/US Foods and School Bus campaigns.

It's all part of the effort to grow Teamster Power!