Thursday, May 28, 2015

Albuquerque YRC drivers reach 19M accident, injury-free miles

Albuquerque YRC drivers are honored for their achievement.
YRC Freight recently held an employee safety ceremony to celebrate two years of accident-free driving by its Albuquerque, N.M. drivers. It’s a continuation of an all-time YRC company record, marking a total of 19 million consecutive accident and injury-free miles by all 85 Albuquerque line drivers.

The company presented the specially designed and updated trailer saluting the drivers' achievement at the celebration, which proudly includes the names of all the drivers and the logos of the New Mexico Teamsters and the IBT.

The trailer was originally presently last September at the 15 million mile celebration, when each driver received a die-cast replica of the equipment and tee-shirts commemorating the amazing accomplishment. In January 2015 drivers reached the 19 million mark and the trailer was updated to reflect that.

As of last September, 35% of these YRC Teamster drivers had driven one million miles or more, two had driven over 4 million miles, two over 3 million miles and 27 drivers had worked more than 25 years injury free.

The IBT and Local 492 are very proud of our brothers at YRC and wish to congratulate them on this amazing record. And thanks to Local 492 for the heads up!