Monday, November 25, 2013

What real people really say about Walmart

Walmart's new CEO ought to take a good hard look at what people are saying about the giant retailer. He might reconsider his company's practice of impoverishing workers, retaliating against them if they speak out, selling cheap crap from China and looting the public treasury.

Here's what a small sample of people posted about Walmart on the Teamsters Facebook page
Kevin McBride I'm proud to say I haven't shopped at Walmart in nearly 5 years and don't miss it! I won't even accept products or goods as a gift if bought from there! 
Michael Paul Heverin I worked at Walmart in high school making $8.00 an hour in 2000. Have a friend who was out of work and desperately needed work recently start at Walmart in Middletown Del. Making $7.50 an hour. Makes ZERO sense! This scumbag company needs to get it together and pay their employees a livable wage! Smh! 
Barbara Guzman Wow, they only paid me 7.50 an hour as a Department Manager. And I was there for 7 years. I did so much for them! Wish they would just go under! 
Becky Hunter People who shop Walmart may save a few pennies but they cheat themselves in the long run. While they may not give any thought to what they are doing to American competition, they are buying themselves into a hole of not being able to ever get fair wages in other jobs. Walmart drives down their competition and puts other companies that could pay people better wages out of business. Their motto is to sell cheap, drive the other guys out of business and monopolize the market place. Their customers have allowed them to do just that. Now their workers complain about low wages, the wages will only get lower, as time goes on they have no incentive to pay people more money why should they? They have driven so many companies out of business. 
Sherry N Rick Pepper Proudly Walmart free for TEN weeks now. I DO NOT need them! SUPPORT your local union affiliates business!! 
Ron Gwynne I will not buy from Walmart until such time that you pay a fair and equitable wage. You can get richer off the backs of the poor without my contribution. 
Mark Mancini If consumers purchased goods made in the US and let the retailers know that's what they want.....hopefully the retailers will respond and find suppliers in this country. As long as the public is apathetic and concerns themselves with just a "low " price.....the retailers will continue to use foreign suppliers. 
What people don't know is that those " always low prices" come at a horrific cost in the long run in terms of unemployment...manufacturing capability .....and ultimately....national security! We are at the mercy if the Chinese government. Imagine what would happen if they embargoed this country. We would have very little to sell as there are so many companies that have shipped production there. It would take literally years to get our facilities up and running. 
Buy American! 
Robert Worth Sr. I refuse to give them another dime. Wish more people would wake up 
Cliff Ross Pay a ' Living Wage,' Goddammit !!! You can surely afford it. 
Donald Pringle Oh come on if not for Walmart's and companies like them their wouldn't be enough greed to go around
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