Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Teamster shop steward exposes unfair employer

Teamster Local 439 members and Brother Joseph Trujillo,
shop steward.
Our Teamster brother Joseph Trujillo is a shop steward from Teamster Local 439 in Stockton, Calif., and he asked us to help expose the unfairness of an employer.

We're happy to oblige:

Here's what Brother Trujillo told us:
My fellow Brotherhood. I'm a shop steward out of Local 439. We are in negotiations for a new contract, but the company is trying to railroad us out of our health and welfare as well as wage increases. The company is UNITED STATES COLD STORAGE from Tracy, Calif
Here are the details, Our contract expired March 1, 2012. We have been through numerous negotiating meetings, as the company has been very adamant in wanting US to give up our Teamsters healthcare, and go with their company plan only because it will cost them less -- as well as only offering US a 20-cent increase upon signing ratification.  
We've been persistent and have given them a final proposal to stick with our NORTHERN CALIFORNIA GENERAL TEAMSTERS FUND PLAN, and there is still their issue with the new Obamacare argument. It has upset ALL members here at OUR Tracy, Calif., plant, and it's an insult of only a 20-cent increase with no backpay!
We constantly hear about these kinds of attacks on workers. It's time to stop the war on workers!