Tuesday, November 19, 2013

McDonald's tells workers who can't afford food to 'break food into smaller pieces'

A McDonald's website to help its low-paid workers tells them the way to deal with the high cost of groceries is to break food into smaller pieces results in eating less and still feeling full.

And for those workers burdened by holiday debt, McDonald's suggests selling Christmas gifts on eBay and Craigslist.

The website actually advises employees to stop complaining because it raises stress and increases hormone levels.

Count on the video to go viral. It's being pushed out by the group Low Pay Is Not OK, which is supported by SEIU in the effort to organize low-wage fast food workers. In the same vein the Teamsters are supporting low-wage port drivers and warehouse workers who want to unionize, and UFCW is supporting Walmart workers.

Even today, Teamsters are walking a strike line in Los Angeles with port drivers who walked off the job for 36 hours to protest payroll fraud and poverty wages.