Friday, November 22, 2013

Iron Mountain workers defy threats, join Teamsters

Welcome to our 24 new Teamster brothers and sisters from who drive shredder trucks for Iron Mountain. They overcame threats and intimidation to join Teamsters Local 728.

The drivers voted today because they want a share in the billions of dollars of profit the company is making. One worker said they are choosing to go union because the company is making changes and all the workers see is more work, with new deadlines and quotes.

Teamsters Local 728 organizer Ben Speight tweeted:
...these brothers stood strong and united today! Proud to be a TEAMSTER!
The new Iron Mountain Teamsters stood up to anti-union lectures, intimidation, threats and the firing of a pro-union worker. A worker recorded one anti-union lecture and shared it with Josh Eidelson at Salon
One recording captures a manager telling an activist worker one-on-one, “There’s nothing I don’t know,” “There’s no secrets anymore,” and “I am upset with you personally” for pursuing unionization without telling him. The other captures the same manager telling a group of employees in an Oct. 24 meeting,"We have the right to educate you, and we’re gonna exercise that right.”...
Workers told Eidelson the company's managers are constantly harassing them not to unionize.

Well, they did and we're proud to call them brother and sister. Welcome to the Teamsters!