Thursday, November 14, 2013

Meet the UPS driver who drove 7 million miles without an incident

Our Teamster brother Ralph Lendi is winning admiration for his incredible safety record as a UPS big rig driver. CBS News in Chicago reports he drove 7 million miles without an incident or ticket. That's equivalent to 29 trips to the moon and back.

Yahoo News picked up the story:
There are good drivers and then there are good drivers. Ralph Lendi is clearly one of the best....The man should be teaching driver's ed to everyone on the planet. 
He has one word of advice for driving: Space. "Leave yourself room around everybody else," he told CBS.

Amazingly, he isn't UPS's top driver. Yahoo tells us UPS ranks safety by years. Brother Lendi has a 44-year streak going, but Tom Camp from Livonia, Mich., is a delivery driver has gone 51 years without incident.