Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Teamsters' winning percentage rises as union membership increases in 2013

This is what a Teamster organizing victory looks like. 
Teamsters organizers improved their winning percentage during the first half of this year, upping our wins to 97 from 92. Our win rate rose to 61.4 percent to 57.5 percent.

Just today, Teamsters announced an organizing victory in Easton, Mass., among school bus drivers for H&L Bloom.

"The Teamsters, year in and year out,  (are) the most active union on the organizing scene," reported Bloomberg BNA Employment and Labor blog.

Here's more good news: 65,185 workers were organized in NLRB elections in the first half of this year—more than were organized over the entire course of 2012. Many of those new members now belong to SEIU, after they organized 44,919 workers at Kaiser Permanente facilities in California.

Independent unions with bargaining units of fewer than  50 workers increased their win rate from 64.6 percent to 68 percent, according to the NLRB Election Statistics Report.

Way to go, brothers and sisters!