Thursday, August 29, 2013

Teamsters endorse Pat Quinn for Illinois governor

Teamsters endorse Pat Quinn for governor of Illinois.
Cross-posting from Teamsters Joint Council 25:

Teamsters Joint Council 25 endorsed Pat Quinn for a second term as Illinois governor today in a press conference at the Chicago International Produce Market.

“Pat Quinn is the right choice for Governor of Illinois and he is the Teamsters’ choice to continue to move our state forward,” said John T. Coli, President of Joint Council 25. “As Illinois’ “Jobs Governor,” Pat Quinn is supporting legislation to protect jobs for working families — from the $31 billion capital bill enacted in 2009 to nearly 700 project labor agreements he’s signed since being elected. No political leader is looking out for workers more than Pat Quinn.”

The Illinois Jobs Now capital bill signed in 2009 was the largest in the state’s history, aimed at generating more than 439,000 jobs over six years. Gov. Quinn also signed a $12 billion capital plan to modernize the Illinois Tollway, which has supported Teamster workers and approximately 120,000 direct jobs.

In August 2012, Gov. Quinn signed House Bill 4029 into law to support Illinois school bus drivers by encouraging higher safety standards in awarding public school bus contracts. This summer, the governor supported new legislation as well to recognize emergency patrol drivers with the Illinois Department of Transportation as emergency responders.

In May, Gov. Quinn also joined the Teamsters at its annual Unity Conference to denounce right-to-work legislation, which has negatively impacted union workers in neighboring states.

“As an advocate of Illinois labor, Pat Quinn has the experience to continue to fight for workers across our state,” Coli said. “With corporate interests and misguided legislators adversely affecting our political process, Pat Quinn is the leader Illinois needs for the long road ahead.”

Teamsters Joint Council 25 represents more than 125,000 hardworking men and women throughout Illinois and northwest Indiana.