Tuesday, August 27, 2013

National support for striking LA port truck drivers as trucks sit idle

Support for striking port truck drivers in LA is pouring in from all over the country as Green Fleet Systems trucks stand idle. Teamsters are hitting the bricks with the striking workers at Green Fleet's headquarters in Carson, Calif., while across the country Port of Savannah drivers who work for Green Fleet delivered a petition to a manager expressing their support.

In Commerce, Calif., the BNSF rail yard sent a message to Green Fleet: "Don't send any more trucks."


All across America, expressions of support and excitement are coming from Teamster locals, union brothers and sisters, fed-up workers, social justice organizations, employment lawyers and sympathetic members of the public. We are seeing hundreds of tweets and Facebook comments urging the striking drivers to stand up for their right to join a union.

Here are a few of our favorites:
Alex Gardea Teamsters baby go getem.... Blessed to be in a union... Teamsters baby
Mauricio Martell About time!!!!! Don't back down....stay strong!!!!!!
Bill Stroud If people don't start sticking together, for what's right -- We're all down the drain & heading for sweat shops !
We were particularly moved by the video (above) of the Green Fleet drivers in Savannah, who read the following letter signed by 130 workers to a company manager: 
We are proud truck drivers at the Port of Savannah and we stand with port drivers across the country who are standing up for their rights to form their union so they can negotiate fair treatment, livable wages, affordable health insurance, and retirement benefits. 
We are fighting misclassification because all port drivers should have the same rights. Port drivers in Savannah are sick and tired of being treated like modern day sharecroppers, just on wheels. This must end and that is why we support Green Fleet drivers who are organizing in Los Angeles. 
Drivers at Green Fleet Systems have been unfairly treated, harassed, interrogated and intimidated because they are coming together to form their union. We call on Green Fleet to stop mistreating its drivers in Los Angeles and respect their right to form a union. 
The Port Drivers serving the Port of Savannah, Georgia.
Stay tuned for the large rally planned to start at 4:00 pm California time.