Friday, August 2, 2013

Gold Cross strikers gain support

Our brothers and sisters from Teamsters Local 542 are standing strong on Day 6 of their strike against Gold Cross Ambulance -- and their families are standing with them.

The paramedics and EMTs whose job it is to save lives in Imperial County, Calif., earn less than $10 an hour. They've tried to negotiate for a living wage for six months, but the company remains intransigent. Now the Gold Cross strikers are walking the picket line in stifling heat.

KSWT reports:
Despite the heat, 60 paramedics and EMTs in Imperial County continue to walk the picket line 24/7 - trying to fight for a pay raise and better health benefits. 
The paramedics union and Gold Cross Ambulance are miles apart and so far, refuse to meet at the bargaining table. 
The strike has gotten so personal, paramedic's wives are also walking the picket line to support their husbands and to let their voices be heard in the community. 
"It's rough. I mean, emotionally, financially. We've been out here everyday." 
Ashleigh Creiglow who's husband, David, has been a paramedic with Gold Cross for five years says - while she's not a paramedic, she too is on strike because it's impacting her and their two children - directly. 
"I'm the only one working I work part-time I have the kids with me when I work."
Stand strong!