Tuesday, August 27, 2013

LA port truck drivers' strike electrifies workers, Teamsters

Messages of solidarity and support are pouring in for the striking port truck drivers at Green Fleet Systems in Los Angeles. Teamsters have been picketing with the strikers who want to join their union. As the strikers escalated their picket line this morning, eight television outlets came to report on the historic walkout.

From Atlanta, brother Ben Speight tells us:
Savannah Port Driver leaders deliver 150 petition signatures to GREEN FLEET SYSTEMS manager in Garden City, GA this morning- Solidarity with the striking Green Fleet drivers in Los Angeles who are standing up for working rights and a voice on job.
One of 8 TV interviews this morning
(We're trying to get the video).

Our brothers and sisters are excited by developments in the strike as they're posted on Facebook. Here's just a small sample:
Hector Avila Keep strong! Local 986 supports you! 
Kathy Kling Stay strong from Pittsburgh 
Bill Hines You have the support of all Union workers across this country. Stay after them Brothers and Sisters. Working people must stand together. 
Matt Voelker Thumbs up from local 431 
Roger Mcleod Hooray for unions and the workers of America! 
Steven Druley Rock on guys keep fightin for our rights. 
And here's one we really like, from Brother Kevin Duquet, a member of Teamsters Local 166:
 Here right now helping out our brother's and sister's on the picket line stay strong local 848!!!
And here's a tweet of encouragement from Sarita Gupta, executive director of Jobs With Justice:
Si se puede!