Thursday, February 12, 2015

Call to Oregonians: Stopping Fast Track is now up to you!

Please be our Valentine, Sen. Wyden!
Ron Wyden holds the key to Fast Track legislation that would let Congress rubber stamp the job-killing TPP deal.

Wyden is a Democratic U.S. senator from Oregon. He hasn't said whether or not he will support a Republican Fast Track bill.

Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch from Utah hopes to introduce the Fast Track bill after next week's congressional recess. So, the time is now for Oregonians to call Ron Wyden and tell him NO on Fast Track.

Calling senators really works in a way that email doesn't. So if you live in Oregon call 888-979-9806 -- or tell someone you know who lives in Oregon to do it.

Anti-TPP activist Kevin Zeese explained at Alternet why Wyden is so important. 
Wyden is a key player as the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee. He has played both sides of the debate and the movement needs to monitor him closely and hold him accountable. If he cannot reach agreement with Finance Chairman Orrin Hatch, then Fast Track is unlikely to pass the Senate. This week Senator Grassley said that currently they don’t have 60 votes in support of Fast Track and therefore it could not pass a filibuster. If Wyden demands that Congress sees the text of the TPP and has true involvement in the negotiations before they are finalized, then he and Hatch will not reach agreement and the Republicans will have to go it alone.
Oregon Teamsters know how important Wyden is. They participated in a protest against Fast Track at a Town Hall held by Wyden in January.

If Wyden signs on to Hatch's Fast Track bill, it will give Senate Democrats cover to support Fast Track. Without Wyden the Republicans will be going it alone and in a much weaker position.

So, Oregonians, call 888-979-9806. You can also join the "Fair Trade or Bust Tour" on Tuesday, Feb. 17 and Wednesday, Feb. 18. There will be back-to-back rallies and other actions.

They’ll be tweeting from @WAFairTrade and @ORFTC with the hashtag #FairTradeorBust.