Monday, December 12, 2011

Sign here to end corporate personhood

Sen. Bernie Sanders last week filed a constitutional amendment to take away corporate personhood and prevent corporations from making campaign contributions. You can support the measure by signing this petition here.

Economic Populist offers this observation:
...Assigning human rights to a corporation is an oxymoron. Corporations are simply business entities from which to maximize profits, or in real human terms, sociopaths. They have no loyalty, no sense of nationality, and especially no morality and ethics. Clearly corporations are not human beings and therefore should not be afforded the rights of human beings. Corporations also have way more money and power than single individuals for the most part. 
...Constitutional amendments are tough to pass, but once they are, except for prohibition, have not been undone, which is why we're seeing constitutional amendments instead of regular legislative bills appear in Congress. They know, corporate lobbyists will undo anything but a constitutional amendment. It does take a Populist ground swell to get a constitutional amendment passed and ratified by the States.
EP makes another important point:
Notice when it comes to anyone or anything which challenges corporate power, you....never hear about it? That's how powerful corporations have become, they literally can black out candidates and news from most media.