Thursday, December 15, 2011

IN gov flip-flops on right-to-work for less

We don't like him.
Mitch Daniels said today he's changed his mind about right-to-work for less. He used to think it was unfair to working men and women. Now he doesn't think it's unfair. Daniels didn't explain why.

Let us remind you he was once George W. Bush's budget director (can you say "deficit") who as governor somehow misplaced $300 million.

Brian Buhl, Teamsters international vice president, remembers how Daniels told Teamsters shop stewards he was against right-to-work for less. Buhl wrote an open letter, printed in the Evansville Journal & Courier, which said,
You stated that you were not in favor of right-to-work legislation. You stated you did not want to tip the balance of power between labor and business. You were comfortable with the labor laws currently on the books and that tipping the balance would be unfair to the hardworking men and women of the labor movement.
You had spent considerable time traveling the state and you wanted to bring fairness and common-sense leadership to the citizens of this great state.
Your remarks were well received by my membership, and they took you for your word.
We can only conclude that Daniels is thinking about his economic future, as he's term limited out of office next year. Those Benedict Arnold Koch brothers sure do love anti-worker laws.