Monday, December 19, 2011

'I'm Dreaming of a New (WI) Governor'

Fascism is returning to Hungary, wrote Paul Krugman recently. He could have been describing Wisconsin:
A proposed election law creates gerrymandered districts designed to make it almost impossible for other parties to form a government; judicial independence has been compromised, and the courts packed with party loyalists; state-run media have been converted into party organs, and there’s a crackdown on independent media ... Taken together, all this amounts to the re-establishment of authoritarian rule, under a paper-thin veneer of democracy...
Wisconsinites are especially incensed by Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker's crackdown on freedom of speech within the Statehouse. New rules were recently passed requiring advance permits for any assembly of four or more inside and 100 or more outside. Security fees were assessed for cleanup.

Even before that, signs and cameras were banned inside what is supposed to be the people's house. People were actually arrested for silently holding signs and American flags in the Assembly Gallery. 

The rules are aimed at suppressing protests such as the daily Solidarity Sing-Along, which has been going on every weekday at noon in the Statehouse since March.

Only the Solidarity Singers defied the rules. The new rules about permits and fees were supposed to take effect Friday. As the Daily Isthmus reports,
Solidarity Sing-Along participants announced that they would test these regulations and assemble as usual without a permit at the Capitol. Gathering outside over the lunch hour on Friday, the sing-along attracted three times as many participants as usual. There was no direct enforcement by the DOA or Capitol Police, and the musical demonstration proceeded without incident.
As blue cheddar noted, it wouldn't look good for Walker to arrest carolers.

Today the Solidarity Singers will be back; there might be a showdown. We'll let you know what happens.