Thursday, December 29, 2011

99% Choir forecloses on Bank of America (video)

Guess we weren't feeling very inspired on Wednesday, because we forgot to post a music video. We'll try to make up for it today with a hilarious video of the 99% Choir, made up of the Seattle Labor Chorus, the Backbone Campaign and the Washington Community Action Network. The choir sang carols in the Seattle Bank of America lobby, then staged a mock foreclosure of the bank.

For those who ask "What are they trying to accomplish?" we will argue that actions like these keep the community's focus where it belongs -- on the unprosecuted criminality of banks. Not on government workers, not on unions, not on poor people, not on Occupy Wall Street campers, not on any of the usual phony culprits that Fox News likes to blame for the middle class's struggles.

Here's a quick primer on some of the fraud -- criminal fraud -- banks have engaged in to foreclose on peoples' homes.