Friday, December 9, 2011

Bill O'Reilly hits activist with umbrella, then asks for his arrest

This is what right-wingers do. They attack the 99 percent and then claim they've been wronged.

In their view, poor people are trying to cheat them with demands for food and health care. They think the jobless have some nerve to ask for a small stipend until they're lucky enough to find employment.

Up-is-down in the world of the 1 percenters and their political acolytes.

That's how poor widdle Diana Taylor, domestic partner of New York's billionaire mayor, can actually act as if 43 art handlers locked out by Sotheby's have made threatening "demands."

That's how the Walmart family, six of whom are as wealthy as 30 percent of the poorest Americans, can fund "charities" that aim to further impoverish the middle class by destroying unions and public education.

That's how Karl Rove can actually attack Elizabeth Warren, a staunch defender of the middle class against predatory banks. Rove claimed Warren, who's running for Senate, “helped pay big bonuses for bank executives while middle class Americans lost out."

It's their dystopia. We only live in it.