Thursday, December 15, 2011

Despicable smear artist to run $10M in anti-worker ads

Corporate con artist Rick Berman says he plans to run $10 million worth of ads to try to destroy unions, the best and possibly last shot the American middle class has of saving itself.
The good news: Berman isn't very effective. According to a report for the Humane Society,
Michael Jacobson, a Berman target on food and alcohol issues in his capacity as the executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest (Berman refers to them as “the food police”), sees Berman as a person “of no morals,” who “has been a mild nuisance over the past decade.”...
“I don’t think Berman is very effective,” Jacobson said. “He temporarily muddies the water a little, but basically he’s just someone on the sidelines throwing raspberries.” 
Berman convinced his corporate backers to give him money to atack workers, reports David Jamieson at the Huffington Post,
A D.C.-based front group representing corporate interests will be rolling out a $10 million national advertising campaign next week to promote legislation that would likely weaken unions.
The group, the Center for Union Facts, is headed by Washington public-affairs svengali Rick Berman, best known for his advocacy for the restaurant and alcohol industries through front groups like the Center for Consumer Freedom and the American Beverage Institute. Billing itself as a "union watchdog" critical of labor leaders' "abuses of power," the Center for Union Facts has run anti-union advertisements in the past.
We expect Berman will run those ads in states where corporate stooge lawmakers are trying to ram anti-worker laws through state legislatures. We'll bet cash money that the ads will run in Indiana, where the Benedict Arnold Koch brothers' front group, the American Legislative Exchange Council, is pushing a right-to-work for less law.

This is what Rick Berman's son says about him:
“My father is a despicable man.  My father is a sort of human molestor.  An exploiter.  A scoundrel.  A world historical motherf*cking son of a b*itch.  (sorry grandma)”

“He props up fast food/soda/factory farming/childhood obesity and diabetes/drunk driving/secondhand smoke.
He attacks animal lovers, ecologists, civil action attorneys, scientists, dieticians, doctors, teachers.
His clients include everyone from the makers of Agent Orange to the Tanning Salon Owners of America.
If you have a strong stomach, check out the Berman Exposed website for more about the man known as "Dr. Evil."