Friday, November 12, 2010

Washington Post's bias on trade exposed

Journalists in the mainstream media seem to be the last people in America to understand the damage done by trade deals. The Washington Post is no exception. The peerless Dean Baker takes down the Post's story yesterday about the proposed trade deal with South Korea. "Everyone knows that the Washington Post abandons any pretext of objectivity when it comes to trade," Baker writes.

He then demolishes the Post's claim that "protectionists within the Democratic Party" oppose the deal.
...everyone involved in trade debates is protectionist, the only issue is who is being protected. This trade agreement would actually increase protections for items like copyrights and patents, increasing the cost to consumers of items like prescription drugs and recorded music and videos. This will slow growth and reduce jobs. The deal also does little or nothing to reduce the barriers that protect highly paid professionals like doctors and lawyers from international competition.
Baker also mocks the Post for claiming that a trade deal would create 70,000 jobs. He points out that most of our trade deals have increased our trade deficit and thus cost jobs. "The main information that readers get from this front page article is that the Washington Post really likes the proposed trade pact with South Korea," he concludes.