Thursday, November 11, 2010

Teamsters oppose Catfood Commission's recommendations

The Teamsters strongly oppose any attempt to cut Social Security benefits.  Fortunately, the plan announced yesterday by the Catfood Commission appears to be dead on arrival.
The Teamsters are part of the Strengthen Social Security coalition. Here's the statement on the Catfood Commission's plan to cut Social Security and Medicare while cutting taxes for the rich and getting rid of the mortgage interest deduction:

“The Fiscal Commission Co-Chairs’ proposal is an equal opportunity disaster. It cuts benefits for today’s seniors and persons with disabilities. It cuts Social Security benefits for virtually every American alive today and yet to be born.

“It cuts benefits for today’s middle-aged and middle-income workers who have already sustained huge losses in their retirement savings due to loss of housing equity and 401K/IRA savings. It cuts benefits for the youngest workers by raising their retirement age to 68. And for today’s toddlers by raising theirs to 69!
“The President and every member of Congress should declare the Social Security benefit cuts dead on arrival, just as Americans would have made them DOA if they had been given a chance to vote on this plan last Tuesday.“