Monday, November 29, 2010

Today's Teamster News 11.28.10

Marketers Discover Trucks Can Deliver More Than Food  New York Times   ...Food trucks selling things like falafels and waffles have grown in popularity ... and advertisers now see them as a vehicle for delivering their message directly to consumers.
Don't Just Tell Us. Show Us That You Can Foreclose.  New York Times question at the heart of the foreclosure mess refuses to go away: whether institutions trying to take back a property can prove they even have the right to foreclose at all...
Black Friday Sales Rise 0.3 % as Shoppers Await Better Deals  Bloomberg News
The recent improvement in economic news  Calculated Risk   ...Trucking and rail traffic improved in October...
CBO: Recovery Act Raised GDP and Lowered Unemployment But Effects Are "Expected to Wane"  ThinkProgress