Monday, November 8, 2010

Killing Train Projects, Killing Teamster Jobs

Two incoming governors, both Republican, said they'll kill inter-city rail projects in Ohio and Wisconsin. What they don't say is how many thousands of jobs they'll kill.

In Ohio, Gov.-elect John Kasich is pulling the plug on the 3-C Corridor (Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati). "That train is dead<" Kasich said. "I said it during the campaign. It is dead. Passenger rail is not in Ohio's future."

In Wisconsin, incoming Gov. Scott Walker said he'll stop work on the Milwauke-Madison rail line. He campaigned against the train and said he'd give back money for the project to the federal government.

In Florida, Gov.-elect Rick Scott campaigned against spending state money on a rail line between Tampa and Orlanda. He hasn't yet said whether he'll halt the project.

Our brothers and sisters in the rail conference tell us that killing these projects will negatively impact the future growth of BLET and BMWED jobs.

The Midwest High Speed Rail Association says it's urgent that you stand up for trains and make your voices heard.

Two media outlets have polls asking if the Wisconsin project should be halted. They can be found at:

You can let your elected officials know that you want more trains, not less, at: