Tuesday, November 4, 2014

No rest for weary Teamsters in final get-out-the-vote push

This evening thousands of Teamsters will learn the results of their fervent efforts to register Teamster voters and to get them to the polls to vote for pro-worker candidates.
Hoffa urges a brother Teamster to vote at USF Holland in Michigan.
Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa barnstormed Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Illinois and his home state of Michigan in the weeks leading up to Nov. 4. He visited the newly organized FedEx Freight facility in Philadelphia, a produce market in Chicago, BMWED offices in Novi, Mich., USF Holland and DHL in Detroit, union halls in Milwaukee, breweries, distributions centers and UPS yards. Hoffa also appeared on radio, television and in print to urge Teamsters to vote.
Urging Teamsters to vote early (and having fun) at the Giant Eagle safety picnic. That's Al Mixon, principal officer of Teamsters Local 507 in Cleveland and a Teamsters international vice president. 
All over the country, Teamsters registered new voters outside of worksites, at safety picnics, during general meetings and wellness clinics. They phone banked, knocked on doors, passed out literature, rallied and marched with candidates who support working people. Many locals opened their halls to hear what the candidates had to say. You can get an idea of what Teamster boots on the ground look like by visiting the election photo galleries here, here and here.

Teamsters Local 769 in North Miami started an innovative Get Out The Vote program by posting selfies of members holding "I'm a Teamster and I Vote" signs. Here's just one:

Don Marr, Melvin Alexander, and John Salazar are Teamsters and they VOTE! #Local769Votes #TeamsterPower
The International Brotherhood of Teamsters quickly seized on the idea, and hundreds of "I Vote" selfies have appeared on the teamster.org website and Facebook page.

Teamsters Local 638's Super Phone Banker
Sister Diane Ersbo shared this photo of Maggie, the Super Phone Banker from Teamsters Local 638 in Minnesota. Maggie made shirts from the 'I Vote' signs for herself and others. (And you betcha she voted!)

Teamsteers Local 337 Coca-Cola drivers from the Highland Park distribution center.
L to R, Mike Bond, Adam Escobedo, Charles Dilard, Darryl Welton and Vashawn
Glover. They're smiling because they vote!

Geoffrey Morin, a Teamster with Local 337 in Detroit, told us:
A couple of weeks ago our Local 337 in Detroit sent a rep out to set us up with the forms for requesting absentee ballots. Very cool!
Phone banking in Denver
Teamsters Local 455 went all out with phone banking and worksite visits.  Local 959 rallied to get out the vote in in Alaska.
Rallying in Alaska
At 5 a.m. today in California, UPS Teamsters from Local 948 in Visalia woke up and felt their Teamster Power!
Feeling the power in California!