Monday, November 3, 2014

John Oliver explains the painful but funny truth on why you should vote tomorrow

Comedian John Oliver explains in the video clip above why you must vote for pro-worker candidates in your state legislature tomorrow (if you haven't already). Much, much more happens in state legislatures than in Congress. Congress, for example, passed 185 laws in the past session, while state legislatures passed more than 24,000.

Watch Oliver, and you'll see why state legislatures are sometimes called the 'frat houses of democracy.' But you'll also see why you need to get out and vote tomorrow for worker-friendly candidates in your state.  Because, as we've been sayin' all along, corporations are running a dating service for state lawmakers called ALEC. And ALEC is all about empowering corporations, eradication public education weakening workers' rights, lowering wages, eviscerating consumer and environmental protections -- well, you know.

Just watch.