Friday, September 27, 2013

Workers still really, really want unions

Many American workers are treated badly on the job, as we have pointed out in our never-ending series of posts about their desire to join our union. Here we bring you more anonymous requests from workers asking for help to become Teamsters. Our Organizing department is constantly deluged with requests from workers who are bullied by employers, forced to work long hours, treated unfairly and exposed to dangerous working conditions.

Polls show the number of workers who want to join unions is rising, even as corporations attack them for trying. But never mind the polls, just see for yourself what workers say about their jobs.
We have met a wage freeze, many mandatory hours, blatant favoritism, unresolved job hazards among a few of the struggles faced daily in our workplace. Many are good employees, and deserve better. Please help.
Don't underestimate how hard it is to form a union:
We, the employees ...  have been trying to form a union for a long time now. We believe the teamsters would be the best choice. I could go on and on about the types of things the employees here are getting sick of, but I would much rather speak to someone directly about these issues.
Fear of being fired for saying the word "union" is a constant theme:
Sorry if I seem a little apprehensive but the conditions we work under are that bad. We are constantly told we are replaceable. This company laid-off long time workers and replaced them with new hires... We were forced to lie to a workers comp hearing or lose our job. The owners ... are rude and liars, promising raises and when asked about the raise the layoff or fire the person who asks. Incompetence is covered up in favor of the group of employees who fall into a certain clique. We desparetely need a union but even talking to you will cost me my job with unemployment. 
Workers frequently cite bullying and unfairness on the job:
We have been talking about this a lot lately being truck drivers, merchandisers, and warehouse workers. We are the only plant of three in the area that is not union and tired of being bullied. Hoping to hear a response soon thank you.
Here too:
They  are  paying  their  drivers way below  the  national  average, no  overtime after 8 hours, no  federal  pay  on  federal jobs and  just  basically being  unfair  with  their  workers.
Long hours and low pay are typical complaints. Like this:
We are getting poor pay, about 15% less than other companies, and we are forced to work on Saturday and Sunday....I believe we need a union and have reason to believe that my co-workers feel the same way.
We like the spirit of optimism at the end of this comment:
... long hours .. low pay.. unsafe vehicles...problems getting representation for worker issues .. labor board no help ...  they fire at will high turnover of employees because of conditions...need organization of workers to insure compant does not treat us unfairly.. I have been an employee for 4yrs now its time we fought back with your help we shall overcome.