Friday, September 27, 2013

Labor board: Funeral giant SCI broke the law in dispute with Teamsters

Unscrupulous funeral giant SCI broke the law by bad faith bargaining with Teamster employees, threatening them, spying on them and trying to trick members into leaving the union, according to the Chicago region of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

The NLRB has also dismissed frivolous and potentially defamatory accusations made by the company against the union.

Service Corporation International (SCI) locked out 59 funeral directors and drivers at 16 Chicago-area funeral homes last month.

John T. Coli, secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Local 727, said:
... the company has been merely grasping at straws, trying to shift the blame on the union with their false accusations. In reality, they are the ones violating the law and mistreating their dedicated employees. 
According to Teamsters Local 727's press statement,
SCI’s numerous unfair labor practices forced the union-represented funeral workers to strike on July 2. Despite an unconditional offer by the union to return to work, the company locked out workers on Aug. 19. Pickets have continued to protest SCI’s bad faith bargaining and other unfair labor practices. 
The Region of the NLRB now will attempt to reach a settlement with SCI on the charges. Absent settlement, the Region typically issues a complaint, and a hearing in front of an administrative law judge then takes place. 
“Our fight is not over, but this is a victory for working men and women,” Coli said. 
Local 727 urges all Chicago-area residents to support community-owned funeral homes as labor actions continue. More than 60 recommended funeral home alternatives can be found online at to aid families in affected communities.
We know you still have a ways to go, but congratulations on a hard-fought victory!