Thursday, April 16, 2015

UPS Teamster hero saves woman's life

UPS driver and Local 728 member David Bryant has spent much of his adult life in public service. A vet who served as a Marine in Afghanistan, he is trained to assist others. And earlier this week, that training helped save the life of an elderly woman.

David Bryant on the job at UPS.
Bryant was delivery packages in suburban Atlanta when he noticed a car pulled to the side of the road. When he approached the vehicle, he found an 83-year-old woman choking on some food. He then put his skills to work, performing the Heimlich maneuver on the victim which helped her dislodge the food. The woman was then taken to a local hospital

He told Atlanta's Fox 5 channel that he isn't a hero, but we at the Teamsters couldn't be prouder. He's just another example of the fine brothers and sisters who make up America's strongest union!