Monday, April 20, 2015

Slow down on fast track now!

Teamsters raised their opposition to fast track at a Capitol Hill rally last week.
Congress has had years to put together a fast-track bill. But now that one is here, pro-corporate lawmakers are moving as quickly as possible to get the measure through Capitol Hill.

With the House Ways & Means Committee as well as the Senate Finance Committee holding hearings on the legislation this week, it is clear many want to "fast track" fast track trade promotion authority. It doesn't seem to matter what's in the bill or what it will ultimately mean for tens of millions of working Americans.

If approved, this legislation is the vehicle that will ultimately be used to push the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) through Congress. You know, the TPP, that still largely secret (to most of us) trade deal that will ship jobs overseas, lower wages at home, and result in unsafe food and products being imported onto our store shelves.

Those on Capitol Hill shouldn't move with all deliberate speed just to ram a measure through before the public can see it. It should be vetted by the public as well as lawmakers. After all, if supporters truly believe fast track will enable good trade deals that will benefit this country, they shouldn't mind giving people a little extra time to figure out what it's all about.

But in a surprise to no one, that's not happening. Instead, supporters know that if they have any chance to get this through, it has to be done quickly. Despite the protestations of those who say the Congress needs to take more time to review the fast-track bill, corporate cronies are moving ahead.

It's not too late to let those on Capitol Hill know they should slow down on fast track. Reach out to your elected officials and tell them it's not acceptable to push through this legislation or lame trade deals like the TPP without adequate review. U.S. workers shouldn't have to pay the price for more big business profits.