Monday, April 6, 2015

NLRB to issue complaint against Sysco, bring justice for fired Teamsters

Shuandrez Fitzgerald, one of the 11 fired
workers at Sysco Atlanta
The Federal Government is weighing in on the side of workers at Sysco in Atlanta who were wrongly terminated after their successful campaign to join Teamsters Local 528.
The National Labor Relations Board told the union last week that it will be issuing a complaint against the company and seeking reinstatement and back pay for the fired workers.

In addition, the NLRB complaint will allege Sysco cut warehouse pay and changed workplace rules without bargaining. And the complaint will allege unlawful interrogation, threats and surveillance against workers.

The 11 fired Teamsters were part of a huge effort to organize their more than 400 coworkers who are drivers and warehouse workers for Sysco. Last week Sysco and US Food Teamsters took part in a national day of action, demanding that Sysco put the fired workers back on the job and negotiate a fair contract.

The Sysco-US Foods workers Facebook page explains:
The Federal Government has spoken, and it's saying: put fired Sysco workers back to work! During Teamster Local 528’s organizing drive in Atlanta last year, Sysco managers engaged in an intense anti-union campaign. Teamsters across the country stood shoulder-to-shoulder with their Atlanta brothers and sisters, pledging to have their back throughout all of Sysco’s unionbusting...
...the National Labor Relations Board informed Teamsters Local 528 that it will issue a complaint against Sysco. The complaint will allege that Sysco violated federal labor law when it: discharged workers in retaliation for union activity, wrongfully terminated and suspended workers, decreased warehouse workers’ pay, changed work rules without bargaining, and unlawfully interrogated, threatened and surveilled workers. The Board will seek reinstatement and backpay for 11 workers fired or disciplined for union activity and is investigating additional charges, including three more terminations. 
This is a huge victory for workers and a strong statement about the power of Teamster solidarity.

When news of the pending NRLB complaint came out, messages of support spread like wildfire across social media:
Casey Whitson: "Congrats boys, united we stand!!!"
Carlos A. Silva: "Local. 79 Fl ... Way to go!! Keep our union strong!
Benny Hernandez: "That's what I call Teamster Power! #proudteamster"
Jose Flores: "Nothing beats being a Teamster. got a voice and rights."
Even in the face of a viciously anti-union company with an army of union-busting lawyers at its disposal, the strength of Teamsters standing together is unbeatable.

In the meantime, our Teamster brothers and sisters in Altanta can count on our continued solidarity. The fight to protect and improve jobs at Sysco and US Foods continues!