Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mile High aspirations -- three Local 17 members run for office

It's election time in Denver, and three Teamster brothers have thrown their hats into the ring. If you're a Denver member, make sure to cast your vote for our brothers by May 5!

Chris Nevitt, Denver City Auditor

Chris Nevitt, a five-year member of the Local 17, has served as city councilman for District 7 since 2007. He has been a proven advocate for his Teamster brothers and sisters. As city auditor, Nevitt will continue to fight to protect Denver's working families. Nevitt has received the endorsement of the former auditor.

Danny Lopez, Denver City Council, District 2

Danny Lopez knows the challenges working men and women in Denver fact each day. A 15-year member of Local 17, Lopez is an employee for the Department of Public Works. Lopez hopes to give a voice to the voiceless and return Denver back to its citizens.

Chris Wedor, Denver City Council, District 10

Chris Wedor works in the Denver Auditor's Office which means he has a broad view of the challenges of working with Denver's government. If elected, Brother Wedor will focus on improving the quality of life for his constituents, developing the community and improve education.