Friday, October 25, 2013

'ALEC, GOP undermine our constitutional guarantees'

Here's a candidate for best Letter to the Editor Ever. 

Nancy Staples wrote about ALEC, the corporate escort service for state lawmakers, in a well-reasoned letter to She began,
Our United States Constitution was a compromise between many very strong willed men who often held opposing views about government. 
They had the courage to look at both points of view and find a solution. Not so today. 
The wisdom and reason that has allowed this nation to function for over 200 years, is missing, and the word compromise does not exist.
She reminds us of what we all know: That political discussion in this country is divisive and vitriolic, and the words "freedom" and "patriot" are used to demean opposing points of view.

And she calls out the Republican Party and ALEC:
The Republican party I belonged to for many years was inclusive, but it has been usurped into a corporate shill for the wealthy, with the American Legislative Exchange Council as its guide. Our Republican representatives use ideology rather than reason for every law they make and every vote they cast. 
They disrespect, not only our president, but the very institution of government which they claim to represent and swear an oath to protect. 
I respect people who do not share my personal political and spiritual beliefs or ethical standards. But that idea of having respect for our differences died and has been replaced by vitriol.
And she nails the problem on the head:
As long as self-interest (Gerrymandered districts), greed (unlimited campaign contributions) and PAC and corporate influence (Heritage Foundation, Koch brothers) wield the power over decisions our representatives make, “We The People”, will never have what our constitutional guarantees.
True that.