Thursday, January 15, 2015

Woot! Another Teamster organizing victory in Boston!

Drivers who haul Starbucks supplies in the Northeast are now Teamsters!

In a major organizing win for Teamsters Local 25, drivers and helpers at DPI Specialty Foods voted to join the local in an election held Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

The workers, who supply to all Starbucks stores in New England and upstate New York, voted 37-5 in favor of Teamster representation. There are 44 workers in the new bargaining unit.

Drivers and helpers at DPI sought Local 25 support two months ago in an effort to address concerns with employee health care costs, which the company recently raised by 8 percent. Workers are also concerned with pay. Many are paid for a 10-hour workday but typically work 12-14 hour days.

In response to their organizing drive, the company hired union-busting consultants. The workers, however, held strong for the Teamsters.

Our newest Teamster members!
Brother Mike Anzalone, a DPI driver, said:
We are very excited to join Local 25. Finally, we will have a voice in the workplace and the ability to address the issues and working conditions that matter to us most.
Local 25 will now prepare to negotiate with the company to address the workers’ issues. The local's president, Sean O’Brien, said,
This was a hard fought victory for DPI workers with Teamsters Local 25 working with the International to ensure that these workers get the benefits they deserve. We're thrilled to welcome our newest members to the Teamsters Local 25 family.