Thursday, May 29, 2014

California bill to make employers responsible for temp hires moves forward in Legislature

The Teamsters bill to establish joint employer liability for employers when their temporary agencies break California labor laws passed the Assembly Floor with 45 votes.

That's the great news from Brother Doug Bloch, political director for Teamsters Joint Council 7 in California.

You may remember how Teamsters and Taylor Farms workers lobbied lawmakers earlier this month on the bill. Here's a picture:

Brother Doug continued:
This was a tremendous collective effort on the part of many of our Joint Council 7 and 42 Local unions.  We really saw what happens when our Locals get involved in politics on the local level -- making endorsements and DRIVE contributions -- and how that helped us influence legislators.  We reached out to legislators in their districts, making a big difference. 
Furthermore, in our effort to connect organizing and legislation, we put Taylor Farms and their temporary agencies front and center in this fight, with workers and Teamsters hitting the capitol on three separate lobby days, mobilizing over 100 people.  The bravery of Taylor Farms workers and the horror stories they told led some opponents of the bill to distance themselves from Taylor Farms as a "bad actor" in this industry. 
Next we move on to the Senate.  A great effort so far with more work to come!
Looking forward to another Teamster victory!