Monday, December 2, 2013

ALEC's right to work for less bill filed in Missouri today

Missouri state lawmakers who belong to the anti-worker, corporate-empowerment group ALEC pre-filed a right-to-work-for-less bill in the Legislature today.

ALEC member Donna Lichtenegge, a state representative, sponsored the bill, and the former state ALEC co-chair Speaker Tim Jones is lead sponsor. The bill text is not yet available.

We Are Missouri issued a statement opposing the bill, saying extremists are starting the 2014 session with a step in the wrong direction:
“Missouri’s elected leaders should work together to create jobs here in our state,” said Mike Louis, Secretary Treasurer of the Missouri AFL-CIO. “While it isn’t a surprise that extremist politicians would instead file a ‘right to work’ bill on the first day of session, it is shameful that they would make this unnecessary and confusing bill their first priority for 2014. It is time for our elected officials to work together to create good jobs and safe work places instead of trying to micromanage relationships between businesses and their employees.”   
“It is simple – “right to work” bills are wrong for Missouri. It's a corporate power grab that's in the best interests of CEOs - not our state. Studies have shown that 'Right to Work' means less jobs, lower wages and more dangerous workplaces,” said Bobby Dicken, utility line crew foreman from Poplar Bluff. “I’m disappointed that SEMO area State Representative Donna Lichtenegger and Speaker Tim Jones seem to be more concerned with doing the bidding of special interest groups like ALEC instead of helping middle class Missouri families.” 
“This bill won’t create a single job,” said Vicki Hurt, who works for the Missouri Children’s Division in Branson. “These unnecessary attacks on working people hurt our middle class families, harm our public schools and put our safety at risk. Right to Work' is a divisive partisan political issue meant to punish labor unions that puts our everyday heroes in danger.”