Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Breaking: Congress to consider spending bill that slashes pensions, raises hours of service. Help stop it!

Last night, Congress released the text of an omnibus spending bill to fund the government for fiscal year 2015. The bill would keep the government open on the backs of hardworking Americans and retirees.

At the last minute, a pension amendment was added that threatens the retirement security of thousands of retirees. The amendment will not even get a separate vote because of procedural manipulation.

The Teamsters have always opposed pension cuts. Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa wrote to every member of Congress pointing out that the bill will 'slash the pensions of thousands of retirees who worked years for a pension that they thought would provide them financial security in their retirement years. That promise is now busted.'

Hoffa added:  "And a last minute $2 billion bailout to a $100 billion Fortune 50 company for breaking its promise to employees is outrageous and only adds to the list of special interest provisions in this bill."

Not only that, the omnibus bill endangers drivers' lives by rolling back Hours-of-Service regulations. It would let truck drivers work up to 82 hours a week.

This omnibus bill threatens pensions and increases the hours Teamsters have to work. It lets the wealthy put even more money into politics so that we will continue to see legislation that benefits the wealthy and not hardworking Americans.

1. Call your congressional representatives at 1-888-979-9806. Tell whoever answers to vote NO on the omnibus bill because it cuts pensions and makes truck drivers work longer. Or you can leave a message.

2. Send an email to your congressional representatives. Click on this link and follow the instructions.

Both actions will only take a few minutes and they will make a big difference!

Thank you for all you do.